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Book Yourself In to My New Website

This is my last post on this blog. Shed no tears; the “Word Power” blog lives on! It has moved to a new website to support the launch, later this year, of my book: Word Up! How to Write Powerful Sentences and Paragraphs (and Everything You Can Build From Them).

From now on, you can find the “Word Power” blog—and more (for example, a complete glossary of the writing-related terms defined in the book)—here:

How To Write Everything

I can’t take you with me, so, if you’re interested, you must re-up. Please do!

The new “Word Power” blog includes news on the book’s progress. I aim to have books ready to preorder this December and ready to order (through Powell’s, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.) in January 2013.

To all who have been following this blog, thank you, thank you, thank you. If you have commented, you have taught me things that I’m happy to know, and you have encouraged me. If you haven’t commented, your shared enthusiasm for words has brightened my days.

Here’s a teaser from my latest blog post, which you can finish reading on the new site. I hope to see you there.

New post:

A Modern Take (Is “Take” a Noun?) on Parts of Speech

What is a part of speech? You might not believe how much disagreement and nuanced analysis surrounds that question.

This essay ventures into some philosophical questions—What does it mean to classify a word, and how and why have those classifications changed?—before emerging with a bit of writerly advice. I find this excursion invigorating, like a deep‑sea search for treasure. Come along, and we’ll share the spoils.

According to one modern school of linguistic thought, only four word types—nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs—now qualify as parts of speech. Four. The nerve! …  Read on –>

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